Margaret Gabriel 
401  Koerner Dr  
Wilmington, IL.. 60481 
           (815) 476- 6112


Debbie Tennant 
19066 W. Manteno Rd.
Wilmington, IL. 60481
           (815) 482-6234



Thomas Donohue   
18397 W. Donohue Rd.  
Wilmington, IL.  60481
            (815) 476-6224 


Wanda Stetzo
18978 W. Manteno 
Wilmington, IL. 60481
             (815) 476-2361



Wesley Township
Freedom of Information Act

      You may request information and the records available to the public in two ways - Submitting the attached request form in person or by mail directed to:  Wesley Township Clerk, 21333 W. Ballou Rd., Wilmington, IL 60481. or you may call the Township at 815-476-7869 to pick up or drop off a request form.   
      Please note that you must specify the records requested to be disclosed for inspection, or to be copied.  If you desire that any record be certified, you must specify which ones. 
Fees per each FOI form submitted will be charged as follows: 
Inspection of records – no charge
1 to 50 letter or legal size copies – no charge
      50 and above letter or legal size copies – 15 cents per page
      No charge for certification 
      The township will respond to a written request within five (5) working days, starting the day after the request is received or phone message listened to.  An extension of an additional five (5) working days, as allowed by statute, may be necessary to properly respond. 
      Records may be inspected or copied.  If inspected, a township official must be present throughout the inspection. 
      All records are stored at the Wesley Township Hall and must be inspected there.  The time for inspection will be by appointment and will be determined at the time of the request submission. 
      Please understand that certain types of information are exempt from inspection by law.  Records exempted by law will not be available.  

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