Wesley Township Park Rules                                                            R07/12

  • A Permit and associated fee will be required for park users requesting exclusive use of the pavilion or the entire park, unless the use is a Township sponsored event. In general, the parks use shall be for activities that are generally accepted as park like activities. It shall be understood that no alcohol is allowed unless granted a permit to allow alcohol and proof of insurance is presented. Any requests to support activities that are not generally accepted as park like shall be approved by the Township Board. The park is not available for exclusive use on Holiday weekends unless otherwise approved. The boat ramp will remain open for boaters.

The fees for exclusive use shall be as follows:












Refunds may be granted for extraordinary circumstances and shall be by Board approval only.


A refundable “Clean-up” fee of $100 is required along with the use fee. If the facilities are returned to the pre-event conditions immediately after such event, the fee will be refunded. Otherwise applicant will forfeit said fee.


One portable rest room is provided on-site. Additional rest rooms and toilet paper are the responsibility of the applicant.

  • Tent camping is permitted. Campers are allowed by special permit and preregistration only. Campers must have currant valid registration. A Permit/registration and associated fee will be required for park users requesting permission to camp. Permits shall be by the day or on a weekly basis. The registration shall be filled out and fee paid prior to setting up camp. The maximum time a person can camp on the Township Park property is 3 weeks per year and one week per 30 day period unless special permission is granted.

The fees for tent camping shall be as follows:





One-day Camp



Weekly Camp



One-day Camp w/ electric



Weekly Camp w/ electric




The fee for use of the Township Boat Ramp is as follows:





Daily Use



Yearly Pass

$35 (30 Y renew)

$40 (35 Y renew)






  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on park property unless by permit  with the appropriate insurance.
  • No discharge of firearms is allowed on park property.
  • Vehicles are restricted to designated roads and parking areas only.
  • Fires are allowed only in designated areas.
  • Removal of plants and disturbing animal habitat is prohibited.
  • No loud or unusual noises are allowed, including: radios and head sets that can be heard over 50' away
  • No glass beverage containers are allowed
  • No Loitering with intentions that are not conducive to the park
  • No Vending and peddling without permission from the Township Board.
  • Animal owners must clean up after their pets.



Park Rules

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